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About Us

Your Dream Body is our #1 Priority


Every month at Peach Lust is another month for us to tone in observe, design, and give our loyal customers the top of the line fitness clothing that is absent in today's fitness and fashion world.

We founded Peach Lust with one motive: To provide cutting edge fitness clothing that normal mainstream fitness brands are missing.

We wanted to create something beyond the looks and fashion side of fitness. Clothing that would actually make a difference in our customers every day lives. 

On top of making our clothing stylish and trendy, we use science behind each piece of fitness clothing we sell.

Our goal is to make a difference in our customers lives we want to build a name for ourselves in the fitness community and become more personal and interactive with our customers. We want feedback whether it is good or bad to make sure we are doing our job right at Peach Lust.

Our Guarantee!

We are very confident with our designers and clothing engineers that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Lets us know what was wrong or the flaws you came across with our product and we will be more than happy to replace the piece of clothing or issue a refund.


After all our job at Peach Lust is to make your dream body journey and easier process with the help of our team. Progression is Perfection! 

Promoter, Model, or Influence

Finally, our goal is ultimately to perfect our relationship with the fitness community. Anyone that is interested in joining our team as a promoter such as a model or influencer don't hesitate to contact us we'd be more than happy to expand, connect, and ultimate make the Peach Lust Team!


 Happy Shopping!